• I have found the source of societies growing depression issue.
  • It’s fucking hold music, after 5 minutes you just want to shoot yourself.
  • Why does every goddamn one of them suck?
  • It could even be a good song.  Like the other day I was on hold and I heard my fav Beatles song, ‘Here Comes The Sun’, but it was a bastardized version of here comes the son if it were composed by the love child of Yo-Yo Ma & Kenny G.  Thanks for ruining my fav beatles song – Capital one.
  • I can stand the horrible version of Pina Collada by Elton John’s idiot second cousin on piano.
  • What I hate are the people that compose the random sounds that have no interconnection between them.
  • How do they come up with this shit?
  • Alright Bill ready to come up with some music!
  • Bill:  “Do you think we could accurately depict a male manatee raping another male manatee in the rain using a harp, piano & a flute?”
  • Fuck Bill, that’s a great idea.  If we add a trombone I think we can produce the majestical sounds of a monkey caught in a fan belt!
  • Then I’m on hold listening to this shit, because Hydro has no idea how billing works, thinking to myself why is it is so fucking hard to buy a gun in Canada

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