Up Your ASS:  Granny Hides Drugs Up Her .. Vagina

  • There is a story out of Spain 73-year-old woman drugs in little plastic kinder-egg shells for her son who was in prison.
  • That’s one hell of a kinder surprise …
  • My fav line from the article, “When she realized she was going to be frisked, she popped out the package.”
  • I mean, how do you convince your 73-year-old mom to do this?  Because I’m highly doubtful that she would offer this in the first place.  I’m not even sure I can say vagina to my motmma without giggling like a school girl.  Yet alone ask her to stuff ‘things’ up there.
  • “Hey ma, look I loved the scarf you knitted me last Christmas was awesome.  Oh the boys in the prison yard love it.  What colour was it periwinkle?  Anyways, I was wondering if you could do me a favour.  Do you mind stuffing some coke,  heroin and if you don’t mind some tranquilizers in some kinder eggs and then you know shove them up your vagina?”
  • This isn’t the first time Kinder eggs have been part of a smuggling ring

Man ‘Accidently’ Shoots Mother-In-Law After Shooting an Armadillo

The Details:

  • Larry McElroy of Lee County, Georgia, fired his pistol at an armadillo and the bullet ricocheted off its armour, hit a fence then smashed through the back door hitting her in the back.
  • Unfortunately, the poor animal died in the process, but his mother-in-law is set to make a full recovery.

Three Quick Thoughts

  1. First, the mother-in-law doesn’t even get any mention in the article.
  2. Second the story seems more concerned about the ‘poor’ animal that died, whereas his mother-in-law makes a full recovery.  Why didn’t you take the mother-in-law? Is this some cruel twisted joke God!
  3. Third, I love how they detailed the events of the shot.  It’s kinda like he meant to do it ala Jordan-vs-Bird with their McDonald’s commericals.  Off the armadillo, hit the fence through the back door nothing but mother-in-law!


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