Watch It Wednesday

The Graham Norton Show is an excellent talk show.  I like the format of having all the guests out at once sharing stories.  Graham’s laugh is aweseome.  Here is an excellent show featuring Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Chris O’Dowd & musical guest Josh Groban.  So take 50 minutes out of your day and watch it.

5 Reasons To Watch

  • A story about the best blow job ever.
  • Steve Carell talks about the waxing scene in 40-year-old virgin
  • Chris O’Dowd talks about the disappearance of the Tiger Swan.
  • Useful information about killing, drinking flies and Chris O’Dowd explains why he’s a good girl
  • The actors talk about lying on their resume & previous jobs before acting
  • Bonus:  There is a picture of Chris O’Dowd drunk at his own wedding wearing a crown.

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