Andy Reading a Penthouse Bankruptcy Letter.  I thought Penthouse went under years ago.  Hopefully Swank is still going strong.  All this internet porn has ruined the once proud erotic magazine publications.  There’s too much nudity on the interweb nowdays, as I sit her behind my computer shaking my fist …

FINE ASS – Must Read Monday

Story of the Week:

  • News: Seattle Man Masturbates Twice On Bus
  • My Take, “Hmm, I’ve been on the bus a time or two, but I’ve never had the thought that this is a sufficent place to pleasure myself.  When pressed for comments the accused said those magical Double Dutch Bus lyrics, ‘Get on the bus and pay your fare, And tell the driver that, You’re gonna get a Double Dutch Affair, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, Well, I’ll be darn here it comes.'”

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