• Metro New’s posted a story about Lindsay Hilton, who is a quadriplegic (no arms, no legs) and is probably more athletic than you.
  • Click on this Halifax Cross-Fit Facebook link.
  • She won a membership with CrossFit through a burpee contest
  • She is an inspiration to ANYONE, disabled or not!
  • I love that she was quoted in the article saying, “my form’s not awesome.”  I think it’s alright, considering you are missing HANDS & FEET!
  • This isn’t the first time she’s flashed her athletic prowess, she received the International Rugby Board’s Spirit of Rugby Award in 2012

Mother of Katelynn Sampson Struggles to Shake Demons

  • Bernice Sampson was a crack addict.  I know the name doesn’t sound like a person who is addicted to crack, it sounds more like the name of an aunt who is really good at baking.
  • Like you would love Bernice’s homemade buns, but I doubt that applies in this case.
  • But trust me Bernice was a crack addict. and she wanted to provide a better life for her daughter.
  • So, Bernice  gave up her daughter to two friends who had children of her own.
  • Now with friends you typically have something in common.  Well, so did Bernice!  Her two friends were crack addicts.
  • You’re probably thinking.  Why would you give your daughter to people who also have an addiction?
  • Well, I don’t think that crack addicts make the best life choices …
  • And as you can imagine something terrible did happen.
  • In the article Bernice stated, “You think you can trust somebody, but you can’t trust nobody.  They were my friends. Friends eh? Evil friends. I couldn’t believe it, though, because they had kids of their own.”
  • I think you can trust people as long as they are NOT crack addicts.  I think that’s the key here.
  • The two ‘friends’ were Donna Irving and Warren Johnson who took in little Katelynn Sampson.
  • Now Irving & Johnson did not provide much magic for little Katelynn, they were provided custody back in May 2007 and it took less than 16 months to systematically kill an seven-year-old girl.
  • An autopsy said,  she died of septic shock and they found about 70 wounds across her body.
  • Septic shock does not sound like a great way to die, it is a complication of an infection where toxins can initiate a full-body inflammatory response.  Inflammation resulting from sepsis causes tiny blood clots to form, which can block oxygen and nutrients from reaching vital organs. As a result, the organs fail, causing a profound septic shock.
  • Every site that I have read states that this typically happens to elderly and/or people that have a weakened immune system.
  • This should not happen to healthy children.
  • So … this just in Donna Irving & Warren Johnson were not great people to entrust with the parental responsibilities of your child.
  • How could the system allow for this to happen?  The Ontario Court Justice Debra Paulseth signed off on the living arrangement two months before the death.
  • They signed off despite information that Irving had; convictions for drugs, prostitution, violence, told the Children’s Aid Society that she couldn’t care for Katelynn and wanted her out of her home, there was medical evidence that Katelynn had been through severe abuse.
  • They either ignored all of this or simply said, “ah …, we think you’ll do just fine!”   Then handed over custody of a human life to people that in all likelihood were already dead inside.
  • It is such a disturbing case, there was a book found with Katelynn’s blood, Irving wrote:  “Katelynn is the devil’s kid. Because she never listens. She smells bad because she never has a bath. Katelynn has died eyes, and a died soul, heart and brain.”
  • What is most heartbreaking is on a piece of paper Katelynn had written 62 times: “I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”
  • She deserved to be loved, she deserved to be wanted, life had failed Katelynn.

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