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Random Links Worth Reading

Naked Shoplifting

  • From the article, ““We were called at about 3.50pm yesterday afternoon with reports of a naked man committing an indecent act in Donaldson Drive, Paston.”
  • It was 3:50 in the afternoon!  This 50-year-old man decides he wants to take a stroll down Donaldson Drive.  He didn’t have time to ‘put pants on’, so he heads out.  Walks will-nilly with his coin purse whisking in the wind.
  • How could you make this moment any better?  Well, a nice Marlboro.  But he left his wallet in his pocket.
  • So he decides to steal some from JJ’s News stand.

Leprechaun Porn

  • There was a news article detailing a 10,000% spike in Leprechaun porn searches on St. Patrick’s day.  Top O’ The Morning too you ..
  • Who even knew that Leprechaun porn was a thing?
  • Is it only me or does that number seem low?  That’s only 100 times more than on your average day.  I would have thought it would have been in the thousands.
  • There’s times during the year that I think about St. Paddy’s day, but I reach for a beer.
  • This means that there are people out there, that have watched so much adult entertainment during the year that they need an extra kick.  Who are these people?

Ayanle Hasan Ali

  • Good article that might give some insight into the alleged Forces attacker.

You Killed Jesus

  • A title game between the all-boys Catholic Memorial School and the public Newton North High School, which has a large Jewish community of students got a little heated.
  • The fan’s from Newton North High School started chanting, “Sausage fest.”  Which is pretty good
  • The Catholic Memorial Sausage School’s rebuttal, ‘you killed Jesus!’ *clap-clap-clap-clap-clap*, granted may have sounded like a good idea at the time.  But may have come across as anti-Semitic.

Ottawa Police Request Public’s Help with Jasmine Crescent

  • Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau released an open letter to the community Monday appealing for help in solving four recent homicides.

Obama “Drop’s the Beat”

  • The Prez helps Lin-Manuel Miranda in a free-style rap.

Pie Day

  • Things I learned this week.  March, 14th (3.14) is pie day.

Cities across US slash homelessness for veterans

  • Great story about US attempt to end homelessness for veterans.
  • We’re down to fewer than 10, and we know who they are,” said Loree Sutton, a retired Army brigadier general who is New York city’s commissioner of veterans affairs.
  • Boston’s latest count showed three veterans living on the street.  Four major cities — Philadelphia, Houston, Las Vegas, and New Orleans — have gone further and effectively ended all veteran homelessness.



  • CBC, posted a story about an unknown man who apparently was caught on camera urinating on a conveyor belt.
  • This man was apparently pissed off and took matter into his own hand er’ I mean penis.
  • Perhaps, he was trying to answer the question.  Who pissed in your Corn Flakes?
  • Really, is it that big of a deal?  Personally, I hate having to go all the way to the bathroom when I have to pee.  That’s why men have penises to pee anywhere we can.  I mean, who amongst us with penises hasn’t peed in the kitchen sink?
  • I hope in his employee review they mention how good his aim was.  I would probably guess that when he was potty trained he practiced the pissing on Cheerio trick.  His aim was excellent and he also stopped mid-flow which is also impressive.
  • In other news, Kellog’s is getting into the urinal cake business …


  • Metro New’s posted a story about Lindsay Hilton, who is a quadriplegic (no arms, no legs) and is probably more athletic than you.
  • Click on this Halifax Cross-Fit Facebook link.
  • She won a membership with CrossFit through a burpee contest
  • She is an inspiration to ANYONE, disabled or not!
  • I love that she was quoted in the article saying, “my form’s not awesome.”  I think it’s alright, considering you are missing HANDS & FEET!
  • This isn’t the first time she’s flashed her athletic prowess, she received the International Rugby Board’s Spirit of Rugby Award in 2012


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