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  • I think that Harper is kind of like a cat.  He did things that he wanted to do and felt like he could get away with anything.
  • Who cares is I tear up the environment?  Who cares is I piss off everyone around me?  Canada loves cats and I’m not going anywhere, but it turns out Canada wanted a dog.
  • Canada had it’s choice of two dogs; Trudeau or Mulcair.
  • Trudeau kind of reminds me of a Golden Lab Puppy, he’s cute but you know he’s just gonna shit in the corner eventually.
  • Mulcair is mutt kind of like Old Yeller, in that he would bark a lot and make a bunch of noise but eventually we’d have to take him out back and shoot him.
  • But the thing is that they tried to make Ol’ Yeller more adorable and people didn’t love Ol’ Yeller cause he was cute.  They loved him cause he was old and angry and would bark if he didn’t like you.  I mean it looked like it hurt anytime Mulcair tried to smile.
  • I firmly believe that out of the three candidates Mulcair was the best leader and hell I would have voted for ol’ yeller if he wasn’t trying to be so nice.  The thing is the NDP’s policies were horrible and he came across as not likable.  I mean it’s to the point where the party might be sick and they might have to take him out back …
  • The Liberals did a good job of preparing their puppy before he had to speak.  I mean he didn’t really say anything just cute barks and whimpers.  They probably took him out for a walk so he didn’t piss on the stage during the debates.
  • Now their Golden Lab has to grow up, which is scary because I don’t see a leader in Trudeau.  Hell, I probably wouldn’t vote for him as Student Council President @ Degrassi Junior High but he’s our leader.
  • So good luck Golden Lab, hopefully the Liberals have trained their puppy well and here’s hoping you don’t screw up this great country!
  • And for Conservatives, hey it’s not as bad as you think.  Canada hasn’t had a dog for 10 years.  Perhaps Canada will find out that it it it like cats just Canada didn’t like your cat.  It’s just time to put down your current cat because he’s stopped using the scratching post and started using the back of the couch.

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