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This is my fav comedian of all time.  Hard to imagine it’s been 10 years.  This is a documentary detailing his life with drugs.

In an article that should have been relevant in August 2013, it has been reported that the Pharrell, TI (whoever that is) & Alan Thicke’s son are ordered to pay $7 million dollars.  That’s a growing pain in the wallet for these musicians.

The children of Marvin Gaye are also prohibiting the further sale and distribution of ‘Blurred Lines’ until further notice.  I think the question that everyone is asking, will they pull this Jimmy Fallon sketch.

This is the best thing on the internet today

What I learned is facial exercise is a thing.  Exercising your face, who knew?  But why does she have to wear spandex?    The breathing before she does her ‘exercise’ is priceless.

The best part about this is you can do this in the office.




In Other News

Muet ASS: Quebec School Uses Rosetta Stone to Learn French

  • In late November, the school decided to use the Rosetta Stone program instead of a French teacher.
  • I mean it can be hard to replace a teacher mid-year especially if it’s there’s a language requirement.
  • Except, 80% of people in Quebec speak French as their first language.

Uncomfortable ASS:  Don’t Get Your Panties In a Bunch

  • Canadian MP Pat Martin was seen dashing out of the House of Commons.
  • The reason at the time according to Martin “They had men’s underwear on for half price, and I bought a bunch that was clearly too small for me. I find it difficult to sit for any length of time.”
  • It was later, revealed he left the room to ask the Speaker a question, and was under pressure to forfeit his vote.

Sentimental ASS:  Message in A Cereal Box …

  • I got the song ‘message in a bottle’ song by Sting stuck in my head now.
  • The longtime workers at a  the 138-year-old plant in London, Ontario (which closed in December) left a note in a cereal box.
  • Written in black marker and dated Dec. 5, 2014, the note read: “This is the very last bag of Canadian cereal for the Canadian market from Kellogg’s London Ontario plant.”

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