FINE ASS: What the F … Dart Player Intro’s

Who knew that this this was a thing?  So I’m watching sports highlights the other day when all the sudden Darts come on.  Then the introduction of a Darter (I don’t know what they call a dart player and it’s not worth my time to google it), so Darter it is.  Anyways the guy comes down the isle like some 1980’s wrestler.  Not the roided up wrestler the one that was a jobber continually getting beaten up on you Saturday morning wresting.  Like …

bobbysalsaThis guy has the best wrestling name ever.

If you watch the video the arena was packed.  I have so many questions. Who goes to a darts match?  Is there under cards for the dart matches.  Do these Darter’s trash talk one another?  Does Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor taunt John “Darth Maple” Part over his ability to fire one in the inner bull?  I sure as hell hope so.  Listen I don’t even know if I’m using the correct Dart terminology (I just typed it in the ol Alta-Vista search engine) what I do know though is there are two Dart champions nicknamed The Power & Darth Maple.  If they are not doing, um ringside, interviews they should.  I’m sure they would put out some top shelf interviews like this one from the ol’ WWF.

Honestly good for the Dart champions though.  Secretly I think we all wish that everytime we entered our place of employment there was a ring announcer.  Unless, of course you are constantly late for work.  Then I’m not sure that would be such a great idea.

I mean wouldn’t it be every bookkeepers dream as they enter the hallowed cubical walls of HnR block and hear, “He’s got an appreciation for depreciation.  He’s got a rule for accurals.  The Duke of Dividends … Deuwy Dreyfus!”


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