FINE ASS: Say Worcestershire

I hate saying Worchestershire, I typically just stop at Worchester you can figure it out after that.  The Spanish call it salsa inglesa (English sauce) which sounds a hell of a lot better.  Would you like some salsa inglesa?  I sure would!  In Indonesia the name is kecap inggris.  That sounds like a horrible decapitating decease, like leopracy.  I don’t want any of that.  But where did Worchester sauce come from outside of the english language everybody calls it English sauce which is a little easier than pronouncing Worchestershire Sauce.

Who named it Worchestershire anyways?  Well, it was the maniacal geniuses John Wheeley Lea (or Wheels as his friends called him) & William Perrins.    Now, if we learned anything from Degrassi’s School’s Out special it’s that you cannot trust a guy named Wheels.  Lee and his buddy Wheels created this sauce (in 1830’s) that contains decomposed anchovy and asafetida (aka devil’s dung).  Mmm, sounds great.  It was marketed as something exotic and what better exotic name than some British city nobody can pronounce.

I think I speak for the Italian chef when I say screw you Lea & Perrins.


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