FINE ASS: Raven-Symone

  • I find this awesome.  Raven doesn’t want to be labelled as Gay or African-American.  She wants to be labeled as a human who loves human.
  • At 1:24 Oprah seems almost annoyed by the fact she doesn’t want to be seen as African-American.  Saying she’s going to get alotta flack and she’s going to set twitter on fire for her comments.
  • I love the fact that Oprah is proud of her African roots.  Hell, I’m proud of my Irish roots, I love the colour green, potatoes and drinking.
  • But human’s are humans whether Asian, Scandinavian, African, Indian, Mid-Eastern, whatever.  The sooner human realize this the sooner we can be accepting of one-another.
  • I have to give Raven the FINE ASS of the week.

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