DUMB ASS: Ashley Tull

Four-year-old pass out heroin packets at daycare thinking it’s candy.

  • Ashley Tull’s daughter handed out individual 4 gram Slam candy packets to her classmates.
  • Unfortunately the ‘candy’ was heroin.  Which is bad!
  • But … she had enough to share with the whole class.  Which is good!
  • Police say the child ‘unknowingly’ brought the heroin to the center.  Yeah right, as we all know the key to a good heroin addiction is starting early.
  • Maybe ‘H’ was the letter of the day and people were asked to bring something in that started with the letter H.  Everybody cares about Ashley Tull’s daughter but nobody care’s about little Rebecca who brought in HGH for the whole class.
  • When Tull was reached for comment her sister Alicia said, “the subsequent media attention was unfair.”
  • Let’s play devils advocate and say she didn’t know; that um her daughter was trafficing and distributing drugs to um minors, that she didn’t know that 250 bags of that ‘damn fine slam’ was in her daughters backpack or that the drugs were in her house at all!
  • Ashley still invited someone or something (we don’t know maybe it was the police drug hound dog that put it there) put enough drugs to get Charlie Sheen through a long weekend in her house with her 3 children.  So I think the criticism is warranted.
  • Alicia stated that her sister had, “no idea that heroin was in the backpack and would not have sent her daughter to school with the backpack if she had known.”
  • Obviously not, I mean you would probably send a couple of bags just to get them hooked but 250 is a little excessive.
  • Anther thing about the story is it happened in Shelbyville.  This type of thing wouldn’t happen in Springfield.  To learn more awesome facts about Shelbyville please click here



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