FINE ASS: #FML ThursdayThoughts


  • I hate #FML.
  • I hate when people post #FML on social media sites over reasons that don’t f’n matter.
  • The people that post #FML are doing it over stupid shit.
  • It’s never the people that have a reason to say #FML.  People that are incredibly sick (not just a cold), are on deaths bed or lost love ones.
  • No, people use #FML because the barista Starbucks got your double crapa llamma americana coffee order wrong.
  • The other day I had to drink instant coffee, because I was all out of normal coffee.
  • Instant coffee is shit, but I didn’t start running to the computer to update the world about my horrible life.
  • The He/She that posts these type of status updates has no idea what an actual #FML moment is.
  • I think if he/she gets a VD from a He-She then that, warrants a #FML Facebook/Twitter status update.
  • Not a wrong coffee order.  The fact that you can pay $5 for a shitty coffee, when a lot of people in the world don’t have clean water, does not mean that you have an #FML moment.
  • Then after you are done ordering your $5 coffee you have to put the cream and sugar in yourself.
  • If I’m paying $5 for a coffee, give me some entertainment, I want a monkey on a unicycle wearing a fedora putting the cream in my coffee.
  • Also, I don’t order a coffee from a profession (barrista) that I didn’t even know existed until two years ago.
  • While I’m on a Coffee rant
  • One thing that always drives me crazy was doing the coffee orders at work.
  • I won’t even go to Starbucks. That would drive me crazy I can’t pronounce most of the drinks.
  • But even going to Tim Horton’s it becomes a pain in the ass.  Because there’s always that one person.
  • That one person that orders something crazy.
  • I’ll have a large coffee, with one sugar, one sweetener and a nectar of honey from the queen bees nipple also one cream and a shot of milk from a mountain goat from Nepal.
  • Oh … Fuck My Life!
  1. kuttyd said:

    I think you mean Barrista, rather than barrister’s, although I like getting my coffee from lawyers ONLY.

    • theantisocialsloth said:

      Haha – Damn! Autocorrect, me not being able to spell & my editor. But come to think of it I want barristers to get my coffee. Like the guys in the Sam Bernstien commericals I like the Bernstein’s better when they were bears though. I want a Bear barrista next time I’m at a coffee shop.

  2. kuttyd said:

    hahahaha OHHHHHHHH that’s good, right when it started, I was thinking, where is the one with the wonky eye….

    Check out this video of a duck farmer.. you like farming right?

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