FINE ASS: Thursday Thoughts

How Much

  • The wife and I were sitting at the dinner table discussing money.
  • When my 4-year-old turns to me and says, “How much money did you have to pay for Mommy?”
  • I had to ask him to repeat himself and he replies again, “How much money did you have to pay for mommy?”
  • After I stop laughing I said, “Son, I’m still making payments!”
  • Then I explained that people don’t “buy” women.  (It’s kinda a grey area but I didn’t want to get into that discussion)
  • But then I was like, “Why wouldn’t mommy have to pay for me?”
  • My wife answers, “I would have returned him by now!”

Still Got It

  • I went out to pickup diapers for my kid the other day for bedtime.
  • When I was at the drug store I made eye contact with a woman in her early 20’s who smiled at me.
  • Inside, I’m thinking to myself.  I still got it!
  • I get outside, look in the mirror and I got a Spiderman sticket on my face, spaghetti on my shirt & my fly is down.
  • This is how much I don’t care anymore about appearances.  She wasn’t smiling at me she was doing her best not to laugh in my face.
  • I then think to myself is there anything way that you could even be successful trying to pickup women in a drug store while looking like shit, holding diapers.  The only way I could think I would be less attractive to the opposite sex, same sex I guess too, is if I were picking up tampons for my wife.

Past Meetings

  • One thing I don’t understand with my email calendar (Lotus Notes)
  • When you modify a reoccurring entry.  You can makes changes related to.
    1. Just this instance
    2. All Instances
    3. This instance and all previous instances
    4. This instance and all future instances
  • Why would I want to make changes to all previous instances?
  • It’s not like I have a Delorean or a Flux Capacitor …



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