FINE ASS – June, 20, 2014

Photo of The Day


Entertainment: Casey Kasem’s Wife Throws Ground Meat
My Thoughts, “I know I’m late on this story. But first I was surprised that googling ‘casey kasem wife ground meat’ would return About 87,900 results (0.32 seconds). What an age we live in. Also, who throws Raw meat. This is something that I’m not even sure you would see on Jerry Springer back in the day. I wouldn’t believe it, but there were paramedics there when it happened. Why did she throw meat at Mr Kasem’s daughter, because apparently she is an ‘intrustive physco’ …. Hmm … seems logical.”

News: Walmart Masturbator 

My Thoughts, “The man was sober and the arrest happened at 12:45 PM. Apparently he was looking for an afternoon delight. Even though he didn’t get away with it he still got off!”


NICE ASS: Mark Bresciano
My Thoughts; “Bresciano gets a slow clap for doing the right thing.”

Entertainment: 10 Obsure Dogdeball Movie Facts
My Take; “The best quote from Pepper Brooks, “I don’t know how they can play in diapers, Cotton. I never could.”

People: Grandparent Skills
My Take, “If we don’t start taking the deteroriating skills more serious we may be without homemade pies. Do we want to live in a society without homemade pies? I think not.  Instead we are going to have crazy cat ladies that put up selfies of their cats.”

News: Woman Births Twins 6 Weeks Apart
My Take, “Elene Cowan, the mother, provided a performance evaluation stating her ‘incompetent cervix may have been behind the premature birth.”

Watch That Ass

Feel Young Again

My Take, “If there is any justice in the world somewhere in this world this is happening right now.”

First Moon Party

My Take, “I’m just so happy I have boys.”

Ohio Student Mock’s Lebron

My Take, “I’m sure Lebron, with his championship rings, millions of dollars is having trouble sleeping in his bed with his beautiful wife and his three story Miami mansion.  While this guy probably is going home to sleep in his race car bed.”

Guy on a Car Hitting a Windshield With a Tire Iron

My Thoughts, “It’s a guy on a car hitting a windshield with a tire iron.  Need I say more?”

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