FINE ASS – June 19, 2014

Photo Of The Day


Internet’s Best Stories So Far …

World:  Lady Liberty 2 – Giraffe 1 USA! USA! 
My Thoughts, Look this might not be politically correct.  But this Delta tweet is pretty funny!”

News: Depressed Goat Overjoyed when Reuniting with Donkey Best Friend
My Thoughts, “The best part is the names of the animal –  the goat is named Mr. G and a donkey named Jellybean.  Depression in goats is a real problem.  Second, I can totally see this as a Disney Movie.  I mean, how can they not turn this into a Disney movie?  Oh, I hope they hire Mr T to play the role of Mr G.”

Random: Goat Riding a Man Riding A Bike Caught on Camera
My Thoughts, “From the story it said the Donkey was on it’s way to the slaughter house.  This better not be Mr. G otherwise we are gonna have a fairly sad ending to that Disney movie.  Unless, perhaps that’s part of the plot of the Disney movie.  Disney, you are geniuses.  Of course perhaps this is what happened after they were separated.  Now Mr. G is going to the slaughter house on a mystical bike ride on an Ethiopian.  Until Jellybean comes in and saves the day before he gets turned into Fiyyel Wat.”

News:  40% of Canadian Boys Admit to Searching for On-line porn
My Thoughts, “There may be some inconsistencies within the survey because, 60% of people were surveyed in 1974.”

News:  2 Montreal Cops allegedly have sex in a cruiser.
My Thoughts, “My guess is that 40% of the people in the above article are likely very a scenario very similar to this article and there were no complaints.”

News: Sterling Sex Parody
My Thoughts, “Within the article Billy Watson, the scene’s director said, “This thing has been so skeevy that maybe it’s the one time when porn couldn’t make it sleazier.”  How bad does you have to be as a human when porn directors are now the moral compass?

News: Street named Hill O’ Chips gets caught on fire from Cooking Oil
My Thoughts, “Hot potato pass it on …  I know there’s a joke in there somewhere, not sure what it is.  Can somebody help me out?”

News: Neighbor Dead, Gramma’s without a House
My Take, “Damn dead people ruining it for everyone.”

News: Alaska Bars Will Have Free Pregancy Tests
My Take: Janet Johnston, a professor who designed the project, said that some bars will just have information in restrooms about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy, while others will display warnings on the pregnancy test dispensers. I just can’t get the thought of some woman in the bar wondering, should I have another tequila or take a pregancy test just in case.”

Watch That Ass

(Internet’s Best Videos)

Hip Hop Cops

–        My Thoughts, “Anytime a male office starts lip syncing Katy Perry it’s worth a look.  I think that’s Katy Perry.  Ugh, why do I know that it’s Katy Perry?”


America’s Worst School

–        My Thoughts, “If they made a movie about Strawberry Mansion, I wonder who Principle Wayman would be played by.  My guess Morgan Freeman.”


Dad Catches Baseball while Holding a Baby on Father’s Day

–        My Thoughts, “Awe, that’s sweet.  The dad caught his daughter a bad.  But wait a second it’s Father’s day.  That kid should have caught the ball for their dad!”


Grey Poupon

I watched this Grey Poupon commercial

Which I thought was lazy writing, it brought me to this better classic Grey Poupon commercial.

–        My Thoughts, “Would you like Grey Poupon?”

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