FINE ASS June, 18, 2014

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Here’s the best internet stories of the week so far …

Religion:The Pope Doesn’t Want to be in the Popemobile 
My Thoughts, “This guy is the Pope of the people.  I think the Only Downside to this is he will no longer say, “To the Popemobile!”

News:  CEO in India Beat to Death By His Employees
My Thoughts,  “The rate your CEO evaluation must have went horribly, horribly wrong!  And I’m gonna say the next CEO is gonna be a little less strict with overtime hours.”

Randomness: Lady’s & Gentlemen The Red Velvet Mite
My Thoughts; When a male Red Velvet Mite decides it’s time to settle down in life, he works tirelessly building what entomologists refer to as a “love garden”.  It’s an intricate structure composed of plants, sticks and sperm.  And no matter how much “work” a human puts into a love garden.  Women just never really appreciate their efforts.

Health: Drug to treat Cystic Fibrobsis
My Thoughts, “The OHIP will now cover the costs for this drug for approximately 30 people that fit the requirements.  This is great.  But how does the drug cost $350,000 per year?”

News: Man pours Gas on Wife after threatening with knifes.
My Thoughts, “This is a great article; first he says he was only ‘joking’, second he ‘accidentally’ spilled gas on his wife in bed (guess he was trying to spark up the bedroom) and his wife said he is a ‘great guy’.  If he’s a great guy I gotta be husband of the year!

Health: 25 Best Foods for Weight Loss
My Thoughts, “Just a quick list of foods, which includes Potatoes, to help for your summer body.  Surprisingly missing from this list is beer.”

Society:  Bill Gates on the Making of the Modern World
My Thoughts, “This is an interesting read on the making of the modern world and the changes in the last 100 years.”

Randomness: Pic’s Thanks But No Thanks
My Thoughts; “Great collection of pictures.”

Entertainment: Seinfeld Facebook Feed Part 1 & Part 2
My Thoughts, “These pretzels are making me thirsty.  I could use some smooth Hennigan’s scotch.”

Health: US healthcare rated worst among   world’s wealthiest countries.
My Thoughts, “A big hand for Canada gets in the top 10!  Canada placed 10th out of 11 countries.  Oh, shit that’s not good”

 Watch That ASS 

(Top Videos)

NBA Players Reading Tweets

–        My Thoughts: This is worth is for the Cookie Monster reference at the end.


Brian Williams – Baby, Got Back

–        My Thoughts, “Just watch it.  I got nothing to add!”


Tony Gwynn Hitting 101

–        My Thoughts; ‘Tony Gwynn died after a battle with cancer.  Here’s hitting tips from one of the greatest hitter in baseball history.”


Women in Heels Falls on Ice

– My Thoughts, “Yeah, I know the girl falls and that must hurt.  But what I find more interesting is Benjamin Bratt is now a sports reporter!  How cool is that?”


Doritos Mermaids

– My Thoughts, “You gotta be careful what type of bait you use for fishing.”

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